MedMen Health Care Video and Animation Specialists

What We Are

MedMen is a team of specialists schooled in the anatomy of effective health care video and medical animation.
Skilled in writing and producing impactful health care advertising for broadcast, live event or online presentation.
Adept at enhancing the magnetic resonance of your medical marketing initiatives. Surgically precise in
delivering positive outcomes for your business.

What We Do

From strategy, concept, scripting and storyboarding, to shooting, editing, animation and audio,
MedMen offers a doctor’s-bag full of health care video production and medical animation services that
typical video production companies can’t match—empowering us to bring you creative, effective health care TV
commercials, health care videos, medical animation, health care video pre-roll,
medical device videos, health care radio spots and more.

What We Can Be

MedMen is not an ad agency or a production company. We’re creative health care video and medical animation
pros—including former health care marketing execs—with over 25 years of advertising experience. Producing
results for medical video clients nationwide. Working alongside—or apart from—their health care ad agency.
On a project basis. At up to one-quarter less than agencies charge. And we can be the same kind of resource for you.

MedMen Video Sizzle Reel

MedMen Animation Sizzle Reel

Our Specialties

Health care TV campaigns
Health care radio campaigns
Health care video pre-roll
Health care sales videos
Health care mission/vision videos
Health insurance videos

Health product videos
3D and 2D medical animation
Medical motion graphics
Medical videos
Medical device videos
Medical procedure videos

Our Portfolio of Successful Outcomes

Direct Response TV Spot

In Blue Cross of California

3D Medical Animation

In MAST Therapeutics

Overview Video

In West Coast University

Motion Graphic TV Spot

In Natrol Melatonin

Health Insurance Radio Spot

In Tonik Health Plan

Medical Device Animation

In Freedom Innovations

Mission Video

In Ziering Medical

Animated TV Spot

In Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Medical Procedure Animation

In Edwards Lifesciences

Visual Effects TV Spot

In UniCare

Employee Morale Video

In Teva Pharmaceuticals

Health Product Radio Spot

In GoodBelly Probiotic Fruit Drink

Medical Procedure Radio Spot

In SURx Medical

Animated TV Spot

In American Career College

Direct Response Radio Spot

In Anthem Blue Cross

Demonstration Video

In Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

MedMen works on a project basis. Alongside or apart from your ad agency. Quickly. Creatively. Efficiently. At rates typically 25 percent less than agencies charge. Without the agency overhead. Without the agency attitude.

How We Maintain Healthy Client Relationships

Never work on a retainer (we work on a project basis)
Refuse to overcharge (we’re typically one-quarter less than ad agencies)
Don’t stall (we’re built for speed, quality and efficiency)
Avoid pouting (we’ll work with—or apart from—your current agency)
Seek out pros (we have relationships with top talent and production resources in nearby Hollywood)
Put our best foot forward (experienced pros, not newbies, handle your project)

Featured Medical Device Video

Featured Health Insurance Video

Our Patients


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