Medical Device Video Production Made Simple

Medical device video production doesn’t have to be painful. MedMen makes the entire process–from
strategizing to final output–simple. We specialize in medical device TV spots, medical device radio
commercials and medical device videos–having worked with clients engaged in everything from artificial limbs
to dental implants to heart surgery to plastic surgery to intraocular lenses and more.

Medical Device Video Production Experience

For over 25 years, we’ve drawn upon our experience with medical device clients across America to
conceptualize, write and produce videos for patient education, training, sales, trade shows, TV, radio, video
pre-roll and everything in between.

Our creative chief is a CLIO winner. Our cinematographer is an Emmy winner. Our team boasts
former ad-agency creative directors. Former health care marketing executives. And producers schooled and
skilled in delivering impeccable production values at a fraction of the price ad agencies charge. On a
project basis. Without retainers.

Medical Device Animation Pros

Over the years, we’ve seen how important 2D and 3D medical animation can be to medical device videos,
particularly for invasive treatments. Through our exceptional expertise with 2D and 3D human-figure animation,
we’re adept at showing how a device positively impacts the inner workings of the human body.

When you experience our low-overhead, no-nonsense, quick-turn-around, high-value philosophy, you’ll see that
MedMen is the right choice for creating your company’s medical device videos.