Southern California’s Creative Health Care
Television and Video Production Company


1. Technology does not bestow talent

While the typical health care video production company attempts to wow you with their newfangled cameras,
lighting and editing software, we’re more interested in the light bulb over the cranium that signifies the arrival of
a good idea.

Of course we use the latest equipment to shoot and edit our health care videos—and leverage the latest
software to create our 2D and 3D medical animations—but we prefer to emphasize the kind of strategic thinking,
CLIO-winning concepts, results-oriented scripting, keen eye for casting, tasteful art direction, Emmy-winning
cinematography and discerning ear for audio borne of two-plus decades working inside—and working
alongside—scores of health care companies.

2. Experience makes a difference

These days, health care video production companies are as ubiquitous as fad diets, Ryan Seacrest and
Starbucks. Yet our experience tells us that while it’s true health care video and medical animation is all about
knowing what to do, it’s equally about knowing what to avoid: Shooting when the sun is straight overhead.
Forgoing make-up. Skimping on lighting. Under-budgeting. Over-budgeting. Going seat-of-the-pants instead of
adhering to a schedule.

Our 25 years in the trenches tells you that we’ve already made the mistakes—we’ve already done health care
video production wrong—which means, today, we have the real-world experience to do health care video
production right for you.

3. Say what you’ll do and do what you say

Integrity is at a premium in business these days. But we believe it ought to be at the core of what we do. So
we establish concepts. Then develop a budget. Come up with a schedule. Have you approve it all. And then do
something unusual: We stick to it. We stay on message, on budget and on schedule (barring an act of God—or an
act of client). Maybe that’s why all kinds of health care companies all over the country have come to trust us.